General FAQ

What can I do with my SNOB?

SNOB is our governance token. You can use it to vote on community proposals or use it to provide liquidity on Pangolin. Additionally, you can stake your SNOB on our staking page to receive xSNOB. xSNOB gives you access to reward boosting, voting, and weekly protocol revenues.

Where can I see the Total Value Locked (TVL) per asset on Snowball?

You can view the TVL of Snowball on

What kind of fees does Snowball take?

Snowball takes a 10% fee for providing the service of auto-compounding your rewards. These fees cover the gas costs of auto-compounding as well as further development of Snowball.

Who is behind Snowball?

Snowball was launched pseudonymously by @AbominableSas, @big_wampa, and @8_bitgiraffe. However, Snowball quickly transitioned to a community driven project. Anyone who wants to see Snowball succeed can participate by volunteering their time and work to the project.

We chose a pseudonymous launch for two main reasons. First, personal information is an excellent attack vector for hackers to try and phish for passwords, kets, etc. Second, we believe in promoting a decentralized, permissionless, and international community. Remaining anonymous allows people to participate regardless of status, country, background, or income.