Staking SNOB for xSNOB

This guide covers how to stake your SNOB. Staking will lock your SNOB for a predetermined amount of time and in return you will receive xSNOB. Before depositing, we recommend you read about xSNOB here.

1) Head to the staking page of our website here. Make sure you are on the Avalanche Network and that your wallet is connected to the page.

If your wallet address is shown in the top right corner, then you are connected.

2) Enter the amount of SNOB you would like to stake and the amount of time you would like to stake it for. Staked SNOB will be locked for the duration of your stake and cannot be traded or unlocked.

Enter the amount of SNOB and time you want to stake in the circled red boxes.

3) Click on the “approve and create lock” button, then sign the transaction.

4) Your SNOB will now be locked. You may need to refresh the page to see your new balances.