Snowball Docs
  • Snowball Launch - We had a fair launch on March 7th with three auto-compounding strategies.
  • Timelocks & Multisig - These safety measures were introduced to further secure the protocol and help build the community's trust in Snowball.
  • New Auto-Compounding Strategies - We added two new strategies: AVAX-LINK and AVAX-USDT.
  • s3D StableVault - We launched the first stable asset AMM on Avalanche with DAI, BUSD and USDT.
  • On-Chain Governance - We introduced voting on proposals even with SNOB staked in the AVAX-SNOB liquidity pool.
  • Promotional NFTs - We launched an NFT marketplace with some limited edition NFTs in order to recognize and rewards our users and community members.
  • PNG Auto-Compounding Strategies - These 9 new PNG strategies were introduced to show our support for the Pangolin community.
  • s3F StableVault - We partnered with Frax Finance to bring the FRAX stablecoin to the Avalanche network and to create a stable asset pool with FRAX, TUSD and USDT.
  • Pangolin Rewards - We added PNG rewards to the SNOB token on the Pangolin Exchange - Avalanche's largest DEX.
  • SNOB Staking - We introduced xSNOB, the staked version of the SNOB token.
  • Partnerships - We've announced an official partnership with Avalanche and Penguin Finance; while continuing to support the Avalanche ecosystem as a whole.
  • Governance V2 - We revamped our governance mechanisms for better functionality and increased security.
  • Website Redesign - We redesigned our website in order to greatly improve user experience.
  • New Auto-Compounding Strategies - Now at 111 auto-compounding strategies in total; we've continued to expand our offerings as the Avalanche ecosystem grows.
  • s4D StableVault - We deprecated the old StableVaults in order to launch s4D, a stable asset pool with DAI.e, FRAX, TUSD and USDT.e.
  • Partnerships - We partnered with Sherpa Cash in order to launch their new token through an IDO.
  • Team Expansion - We have brought on new developers, designers and other team members and nearly tripled the size of our team!
  • Axial Launch - We plan on launching a DEX for swapping value-pegged assets called Axial, as an upgrade to our existing StableVaults.
  • Website Improvements - We plan on making further QoL improvements to our site and consistently improve user experience among our various products.
  • One-Click-Deposits - We plan on making it possible for users to use our products without swapping tokens at all beforehand; utilizing simply AVAX for all deposits.
  • New Auto-Compounding Strategies - As always, we will continue to expand our offerings when it comes to our main flagship product.
  • Liquid Staking - We plan on implementing liquid AVAX staking, providing LAVAX in exchange.
  • New & Improved NFTs - We plan on adding new NFTs with more functionality than traditional NFTs.
  • xSNOB Statistics - We will provide xSNOB holders more stats and information regarding their holdings.
  • Audit - We will ensure that all our new contracts are fully audited.
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