Q1 2021

  • Snowball Launch - We launched fairly on March 7th with three auto-compounding strategies.

  • Timelocks & Multisig - These safety measures were included to further secure the protocol and build trust with the community.

  • New auto-compounding strategies - We added 2 new strategies: AVAX-LINK and AVAX-USDT.

  • s3D StableVault - We launched the first stable asset AMM on Avalanche with DAI, BUSD, and USDT.

Q2 2021

  • On-chain Governance - You can now vote on proposals even when you have SNOB in the AVAX-SNOB liquidity pool.

  • Promotional NFTs - We want to recognize and reward our users and community participants with NFTs.

  • PNG auto-compounding strategies - We added 9 new PNG strategies to show our support for the Pangolin community.

  • s3F StableVault - We partnered with Frax Finance to bring Frax stablecoin to Avalanche network and to create a pool between FRAX, TUSD, and USDT.

  • Pangolin Rewards - Added PNG rewards to the SNOB token on Pangolin Exchange - Avalanche's largest DEX.

  • SNOB Staking - xSNOB is live. Stake your SNOB on our website.

  • Partnerships - We've announced an official partnership with Avalanche and Penguin Finance; however, we will continue to support the Avalanche ecosystem in other less formal ways.

Q3 2021

  • Governance v2 - We will implement improved functionality to governance and increased security.

  • Website Redesign - We will continue to push updates and improve our user experience

  • New auto-compounding strategies - New strategies will continue to be developed as the Avalanche ecosystem grows.

  • StableVault Lending - As lending protocols move onto Avalanche, we will integrate to increase StableVault APRs.

  • More to be announced - We have more planned that will be announced as the year continues.