Snowball Docs

Smart Contract Audits

Snowball originated as a fork of Pickle Finance and Saddle Finance, both of which have been thoroughly audited. Their audits can be found here and here, respectively. However, the Snowball protocol itself has not been audited yet.


All Snowball contracts have a 24 hour timelock for any upgrades, updates or changes. Furthermore, all key admin functions on contracts, including any SNOB token emissions, are also subjected to a 24 hour timelock.


To further increase the decentralization of the Snowball protocol, we have implemented 3 separate multisig contracts. They are the following:

1) Treasury

This contract is owned and controlled by on-chain governance and our Council. It is the owner of almost all other Snowball smart contracts.

2) Council

This contract is owned and controlled by a small group of trusted Snowball members. It is the owner of any incoming revenue and is a signer to the Treasury multisig contract.

3) Payroll

This contract is owned and controlled by the founders of Snowball and is used for sending payments to other members of the Snowball team.
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