Intro to SnowGlobes

SnowGlobes allow you to auto-compound your liquidity provider (LP) rewards from Pangolin. Each SnowGlobe employs a different strategy, but fundamentally works in a similar manner.

  1. Supply liquidity to a pair on Pangolin to receive tokens that represent your deposit.

  2. Deposit your new liquidity tokens into a SnowGlobe and receive sTokens as a receipt. Your Pangolin rewards will start to be auto-compounded.

  3. Stake your sTokens on the earn page of our website. to receive SNOB incentive rewards.

All SnowGlobes charge a 10% performance fee for Snowball's services. This means that whenever assets are auto-compounded, Snowball takes a small amount of the rewards you earn.


Let's say you wanted to deposit into the AVAX/PNG SnowGlobe. This would require you to first provide equal value amounts of AVAX and PNG into the corresponding Pangolin liquidity pool. After depositing, Pangolin would give you a receipt token to represent your deposit.

The liquidity pool token you receive from Pangolin could then be deposited into the AVAX/PNG SnowGlobe. In return you would earn another receipt token (an sToken) called sAVAX/PNG.

Using the deposited AVAX/PNG, the SnowGlobe would automatically earn and compound your Pangolin rewards so that you would end up receiving a higher yield on your returns.


After depositing into a SnowGlobe you will receive sTokens, which you can use to stake on the earn page of our website. These tokens allow you to earn SNOB on top of the liquidity pool rewards you are already earning. SNOB reward distributions are updated weekly based on xSNOB voting.